Jack Breslin takes his Sports Journalism Class to Citi Field

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Exclusive Interview: ICTV’s Kyle Byrne talks to science Professors Dr. Victor Stanionis and Dr. Frank Fazio

Kyle Byrne talks to science Professors Dr. Victor Stanionis and Dr. Frank Fazio about future developments to Cornelia Hall and the science program.

“Full Metal Attack” with Pete and Nick

The guys come back from the first set to discuss the songs, and the crazy weather. Coming up, Gripps Greatest PIcks (Part Deux) featuring “Bullet with Butterfly Wings” by Smashing Pumpkins, and “18 and Life” by Skid Row

WICR Sports Blast for the week

Kevin and Pete discuss West Conference Playoffs and 2014 Stanley Cup Finals Prediciton

Kevin and Pete discuss NHL Eastern Conference 1st round 2014 playoffs

“A-B Conversation” with Carlo and Benzino
NBA playoffs preview

The controversy with instant replay so far Red Sox manager getting ejected for arguing calls, MLB news

“Faz Fest” – NHL Playoffs Begin

“The Law Firm” focuses on the upcoming NHL postseason with our predictions to win each round as well as the Stanley Cup

Joe D and John F break down the NCAA men’s basketball championship game. What’s next for Kentucky and UCONN? Who has a shot at the title next season?

Mass Comm 2014 Honor Society Induction Ceremony

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Armand To Appear At Portsmouth Invitational – Check Out His Highlight Reel Produced By Mass Comm

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Sean Armand’s highlight reel produced by Mass Comm’s Mike Champagne, Mike Damergis, Jon Stanko and Steve Kultzow


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