9-18-14 WICR Morning Show with Spring Gonzalez, Jaromir Francois and Bryan Walsh for (#ionacollege #wicr #masscomm)

Australia arrests 15 people threatening to decapitate strangers/ YELP/ Scotland may break away from England very soon

Anthony Carlo New York Sports Machine Podcast

Adrian Peterson and child abuse charges. Derek Jeter and the Captain’s final days. -

Thursday at Iona By Meral Kathwari & Adriana Alonso

Students line up to recieve food

Students line up to receive food

At 3:30 on a recent Thursday at Iona College, the Office of Mission and Ministry is gathering together to offer a hospitality supper to students and faculty.

As an Ionian tradition, the college community is welcome to drop their books, grab a fork, and come to the Montgomery House at 5:00 p.m. every Thursday to enjoy free dinner. Every week a club or organization teams up with the campus ministers and aims to create a “family” environment to unify the college.

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Thursday afternoon at Iona College

Daniela Beasley
Alicia Simeone
Megan McCarthy

At 3:30 on a recent Thursday at Iona College both students and faculty voiced their opinions on the recent changes in gym security. Unlike recent years, there has been a sudden crackdown on security regarding the Hynes Athletic Center.

Joselyn Mancilla scanning Jess Martin​'s ID before entering the Hynes Athletic Center

Joselyn Mancilla scanning Jess Martin​’s ID before entering the Hynes Athletic Center

In the past, upon entering the facility if a person were recognized as a student or affiliate of Iona College they would be let in without having to show proper identification. The sudden change does not sit well with everyone especially frequent gym user, Sterling Diaz a junior at Iona College.

“It’s a burden,” he said. “If you know the person it should be established that you are a student and don’t pose a threat to the school.”

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Thursday Afternoon at Iona College by Christina Dempsey and Ashley Pina

At 3:30 on Thursday Sept. 4, Iona College’s Annual Giving Officer Ben See, was overseeing applications for potential phonathon student workers.

As the Annual Giving Officer Ben See and the phonathon workers are responsible for raising money for scholarships which helps thousands of students afford an Iona education.

“I think the most rewarding aspect of my job is that what I do has an impact on current Iona students as well as alumni and future students,” said See.

Annual Giving officer Ben See looks over phonathon applications in his office.

Annual Giving Officer Ben See looks over phonathon applications in his office.

See also reaches out to the alumni to make them aware of their next class reunion. Every night while students gather in the dining hall to enjoy their meals, See and the phonathon students work diligently reaching out to alumni for donations that help to improve and expand the Iona community. Read More

Thursday Afternoon at Iona College Ian Sacks and Jack Clark

At 3:30 on Thursday, Sept. 4 Dr. Johnnetta Betsch Cole spoke about diversity in the Murphy Auditorium at Iona College in front of a crowd of about 150 people. Cole’s speech was a part of the Jack Rudin & John G. Driscoll Distinguished Visiting Professorship.

Dr. Johnnetta Cole speaks to the crowd ​about diversity

Dr. Johnnetta Cole speaks to the crowd ​about diversity

Cole focused on the topic of diversity on college campuses across the nation. She claimed that even though there has been progress, the country is far from being completely fair and open-minded about diversity.

Cole is the director of the National Museum of African Art at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington. She also served as president of Spelman College and Bennett College for women. Cole has won several awards and was named one of the 100 most influential African Americans by “Ebony Magazine.”

“I grew up in the wretched South, where the dominant message was that ‘I’m second class,’” Cole said in a personal interview. “My parents told me: ‘No, and that I have a responsibility to get rid of the untruth.’”

Cole stressed that bigotry plays a big factor in the lack of diversity across the country. During her speech, she linked high dropout rates among the African American and Latino populations to racism and poverty.

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Yvonne Wenger of The Baltimore Sun joins WICR morning show

WICR Morning Show 9/15/14 Joe Archino, Ian Sacks, Ken Reishcmann.


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